Welcome to Alpha School

Providing educational, therapeutic and support services for students ages 5-21
with special needs in Ocean, Monmouth, Burlington, Mercer, and other surrounding counties.

Here at the Alpha School in Jackson, New Jersey we are dedicated to Providing a Safe and Nurturing Educational Environment serving students from ages 5-21.


Our academic programs include Language Arts Literacy, Mathematics, Health, Science, and Social Studies. We also provide instruction in Social Skills, Music Therapy, Art, Career Education, and Physical Education.

Life Skills

Our Life Skills programs focus on everyday living skills. Students are engaged in ADL activities such as personal hygiene, laundry skills, cooking skills and prevocational skills.

Support Services

Alpha School offers Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy. In addition, Counseling and Nursing services are available. Behavioral support includes consultation with a BCBA.


Technological supports utilized at Alpha School include white boards with mimeo systems, computers, Ipads, personal and classroom FM systems, and “Alphabot” our personal robot!​

Since its inception in 1980, the Alpha School has welcomed hundreds of children through our doors with open arms. We accept children ranging in age from five to twenty-one with various disabilities including autism, down’s syndrome, communication, learning and social and emotional disabilities. We work with each child as an individual with their own unique areas of strength and areas that require special attention. 

– Monica DeTuro, Principal at Alpha School, Jackson, NJ