Welcome to the Alpha School

Now accepting applications for students
for the 2016/2017 School Year.

The Alpha School is truly a unique environment for children with special needs. Each child is accepted as an individual with their own unique areas of strength and areas that require special attention.

Our certified teachers, therapists and assistants are very committed to their work at Alpha School. We have very little turnover of staff. Our gym and art teacher have been with us for over twenty five years. The average length of time that our teaching staff has been working with us is 10 years. There are a large number of assistants who have worked with us for more than 15 years. This consistency and continuity of our dedicated employees allows our students to work with staff who have developed a high degree of expertise in all areas of special education

The best way to introduce you to our school is to give you some of the words that our parents use to describe their child’s school. They use words like inviting, relaxed, secure, friendly, caring, warm, nurturing, family oriented, comforting, organized, welcoming, professional, positive, happy, up lifting and supportive. There is no other way to say it better than that.


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