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Alpha School Testimonials



Here at Alpha School we are continually thankful to our families for entrusting their wonderful children to our care and remain inspired by their perseverance through life’s daily challenges.

We are honored to help and have helped countless children from across a multitude of counties in New Jersey. Below is a small sampling of the heartfelt testimonials and feedback from parents, guardians, and educational professionals pertaining to their satisfaction with the programs offered at Alpha School of Jackson, NJ.

Why did you choose Alpha School?

“Alpha school has changed Kevin’s life, as well as ours. We knew when we walked in that this was the school for our son. There was just this feeling that came over us. Alpha is so welcoming and the staff is caring and nice and intensely knowledgeable about teaching and special needs children. We have always felt at home at Alpha. More importantly, my Kevin loves his school and has come so far with much help and encouragement for all his teachers. I cannot say enough about all his wonderful teachers. We are grateful every day that they love our child and advocate for him as much as we do.”
Kevin’s Mom (Alpha School Parent) • Corinne Sullivan
“I felt comfortable leaving my non-verbal 3 year old son in Alpha School environment. The principal Monic DeTuro made a very professional, very caring first impression. Which I might add, has continued through the years and throughout the staff.”
Alpha School Parent • L. Carenza
Because it came highly recommended and when we came to see the school, we could se how all the personnel, teachers etc. cared about the children. How committed to helping all the children achieve a quality and happy life to the best of their ability.”
Alpha School Parent • M.McClelland
My school district at the time chose Alpha for me. They were the ones to tell me you’ll never find a better school and 14 years later, truer words were never spoken!”
Alpha School Parent • E. Brennan
We looked at 3 schools for Ryan and liked certain things about all. Alpha had almost everything (nothing is ever 100%) we were looking for, but the overall factor in our decision was a combination of staff and atmosphere. If I can not be with Ryan all day and/or train him in the things he needs. I could not have picked a group of people that were better suited for the need of Ryan and our family as a whole.”
Alpha School Parent • T. Collins
It was the one place where me son was accepted and celebrated for who he is.”
Alpha School Parent • B.Stetler

How would you describe the atmosphere?

“If I had to use one word to describe Alpha School, it would be LOVE. Our family has been beyond thrilled with every aspect of our son’s education at Alpha. Since he was placed in the school 2 years ago, his overall progress and happiness has been remarkable, and he has blossomed in this positive and nurturing environment. The staff at Alpha are some of the most wonderful, loving, and dedicated teachers and human beings I have ever met. They give their all, and never see “disability”, only possibilities. They provide the kids with a complete academic, cultural, physical and behavioral education, all while celebrating each child’s strengths and helping them to grow. Alpha school, you have far exceeded our expectations. Thank you for all you do for my child and all of his amazing peers.”
Alpha School Parent • Elyse P.
“Professional on all levels. Nurturing, individualized attention to each student. Collaborate effort on the part of all staff members. Disciplined yet flexible, safe, non-judgmental. Determined to get the best out of every student.”
Alpha School Parent • L. Carenza
Cheerful from the minute you come through the doors or call on the phone. Its a wonderful and safe place for the children and always wonderful things happening there.”
Alpha School Parent • M.McClelland
For my daughter and I Alpha has become a second home because there is not a huge turnover in staff. We have known this loving caring staff for the entire 14 years so they become like part of the family.”
Alpha School Parent • E. Brennan
Safe, caring and family like all in a highly educational setting and attractive setting.”
Harbor School Parent • T. Collins
Alpha School is a very nurturing, family atmosphere.”
Alpha School Parent • B.Stetler

What is the main thing you would want other parents to know about Alpha School?

“There aren’t enough positive words to describe our experiences.”
Alpha School Parent • L. Carenza
My grandchild started in the Alpha School when he was 3 years old. He could not eat, walk, talk. He wore a helmet and was a head banger and violent. He now reads greek mythology he loves science, he is well behaved and he is helpful. I know there are some things he will not be able to do but he is 17 1/2 years old now and he is the best he can for Dylan. It was all due to the physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, discipline and teaching by the staff who would not give up on a child. Who taught family and siblings about their disability and how to cope, deal and be consistent to set goals for the children which helped with behavior. The teachers and staff were never to busy to talk to you when you called about a problem. They were supportive and we worked together to solve the problems. The programs, shows, trips, summer programs and picnics are wonderful. I’ll miss them. But all of the staff at Alpha are the reason my grandson has progressed to the level he is at and he still has time to continue to learn and be all that he can be. We love him and we love the Alpha School, a place for children with disabilities, with staff, teachers, and therapist who are committed to helping not only the child but families too. Thank you for all you do.”
Alpha School Parent • M.McClelland
Your child is in a warm and caring environment and that each child not matter what their disability, will get individualized attention. Each and every person who works with your child will go over how methods on techniques that will allow your child to grow to be the best that they could be.”
Alpha School Parent • E. Brennan
The staff is dedicated, professional and talented. The school provides a lot of the same opportunities as other schools (as far as plays, programs (PTO), trips, activities (cheering) etc. You are not a number at the Alpha School.”
Harbor School Parent • T. Collins
Your child be welcomed with open arms. The opportunities are numerous and always positive.”
Alpha School Parent • B.Stetler

Here are some heartfelt/personal letters from parents

Hello Mrs Deturo:

It is my pleasure to write a testimonial for Alpha School!

Our son started at Alpha School in an extremely delicate situation.  The teachers, staff, and administration have been wonderful to our son and family.  They work with tender loving hands.  His need and best interests are always put first.  They have worked patiently to reteach skills and through difficult behaviors.  His improvement in the time he has been there is amazing!  It is so important that your special needs child be in the appropriate program.  We are so grateful that our son is now at the Alpha School!  Our thanks goes beyond words!

I love your new website!  Especially the academics picture! 
Sincerely, Michelle Heins
Alpha School Parent

To Brooke’s Alpha family:

Rob and I cannot thank you enough for your tireless commitment and dedication to Brooke. Over the years, Brooke has been in several school programs where individuals went through the motions but did not teach from the heart. This was very discouraging to us, which is why we did not give up the fight to find a better “home” for Brooke; a home filled with professionals that believe in Brooke and will challenge her to reach her potential. Today’s holiday show was proof to us that Brooke has found her home away from home. The show left us speechless and her outfit was breathtaking! Thank you all for giving Rob and me the best holiday gift ever.. . the comfort of knowing that Brooke is well taken care of every day. Have a wonderful holiday season!
With gratitude, Lori & Rob
Alpha School Parents • Lori & Rob

Our daughter, Bridget, has attended the Alpha School for 12 years. Initially, we were nervous about sending her to a full day program that was so far from home. But we soon realized that the Alpha School was the best place for Bridget. Not only does the staff provide educational and therapy programs for her, they also provide a great deal of emotional support for us. Whenever my husband and I go to the Alpha School, we know that we are not alone; there is always someone to give us the support and compassion we need. The staff is constantly teaching us how to work with our child to make her the best that she can be. They also put a lot of time and effort into thinking of new and fun things to do with the children, which I think is just as important. It is very comforting for us to know that Bridget will be in this loving and dedicated environment until she is 21.
Alpha School Parents • Eileen and Dan Brennan

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