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Special Needs Transition Timeline Series (14-Year-Old)

The transition from special needs student to functioning adults begins with indicating goals and challenges within the already existing student’s respective IEP (Individualized Education Program), begins at the age of 14.As required by a state’s specific special education rules and regulations, the IEP is usually reviewed on a yearly basis allowing the transition plan to […]

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Congratulations to Principal John Gonzalez

If you want to understand the mission of an RKS school, you have to get to know its people: students, teachers, administrators and parents alike. Here, we are going to get to know Alpha School’s brand new principal, John Gonzalez. Principal Gonzalez joined us as the Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction in July of 2016, […]

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Volunteerism Works Both Ways

People with developmental disabilities are plenty used to being seen as the ones in need of help. By teaching them volunteerism, you might say we flip the script. Volunteering is not only beneficial to those with developmental disabilities, but to the larger community as well.Our ultimate goal is not just for our students to join […]

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