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Alpha School Transition Services Lunch and Learn Workshop –Blanche Stetler and Ms. Melissa Wong

PRIOR TO COVID-19On February 12, 2020 the Alpha School of Jackson, NJ was presented with a Lunch and Learn Workshop presented by both Blanche Stetler from PrimeTime Center and Melissa Wong from Skylands Family Support of New Jersey.Below are key highlights that are important for new and current parents and caregivers understanding their child’s Personal […]

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Picture Books with Autistic Characters

As the step-parent of an autistic boy, I often worry that neurotypical people will not recognize his kind heart and amazing mind. These picture books show autism from many different perspectives, and hopefully will show children on the autism spectrum that their unique gifts and contributions are just as important as those of neurotypical kids. […]

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How to change challenging behaviors: Replacement Behaviors – An Example

Children with autism and other special needs frequently engage in challenging behaviors that negatively affect the whole family. For families seeking solutions, it’s important to remember that challenging behavior serves a purpose for the child. According to Behavior Analyst, Meme Hieneman, if we pay attention, the behavior can communicate important information. She says, “The purpose […]

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How Anxiety Disrupts the Learning Experience

An anxiety disorder is characterized by debilitating fear and worry. It can be a specific phobia, social anxiety, separation anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, or general anxiety disorder, which is constant worrying about lots of things. Panic disorder is a sudden, intense episode of anxiety that can cause hyperventilating and a pounding heartbeat. All forms of […]

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Employment Options for Those with Autism

Job-seeking can be a frustrating process for anyone, but for those on the autism spectrum, it can be particularly confusing. In their Employment Tool Kit, the nonprofit organization Autism Speaks has some helpful advice for the job search process. We highly recommend you download the full tool kit. 1. Get Organized Use a binder to save all […]

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Promoting Self Esteem in a Special Needs Child

Because special needs children face a broad spectrum of challenges from emotional to behavioral and educational, developing confidence in their own abilities, also known as self-esteem, is not as straightforward as it might be for a neurotypical child. But it is essential for anyone’s well-being to develop positive self-esteem. According to, self esteem develops […]

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The Pandemic’s Impact on Children with Special Needs

This article is written from the perspective of a parent with a special needs child navigating through these challenging times.The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the routines of everyone, in school and out, but special needs students are more affected by these disruptions than most. Under the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), school districts in […]

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