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Helping Your Special Needs Child Make Friends

It’s not easy for some children to make friends. Even the most sociable children will eventually struggle to find meaningful relationships in life. Now, imagine what this is like for special needs children. If you are the parent of a child with special needs, finding friends for your son or daughter will present unique challenges. […]

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Our new Alpha School Video 2018!

A place to learn, a place for fun! Come and see our student Richie take you on a tour of Alpha School of Jackson, New Jersey. Preparing for the Future with Alpha School As part of the RKS Associates Network of schools in New Jersey, the goal at the Alpha School is to help your […]

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Starting Your Search on Private Schools for Learning Disabilities? Ask these 5 Questions First

Are you looking into private schools for learning disabilities to accommodate your child? If so, be it’s important to be clear about your priorities, know what questions to ask ahead of time and organize your search. Finding a special needs school in New Jersey, that provides the right kind of educational, therapeutic and support school […]

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