From the Principal's desk at Alpha School, a special needs school in NJ

From the Principal’s Desk


I am so fortunate to be the principal of the Alpha School. I have held this position for the last seventeen years. In that time, I have welcomed hundreds of children into the Alpha School family. I have had the opportunity to see these lives changed forever through the efforts of a truly dedicated group of teachers, therapists, teaching assistants and support personnel.

When I first started teaching special needs students, I never dreamt that I would become a school principal. Now that I am the principal of this wonderful school, I feel truly blessed and I know that this is what I was meant to do. Sometimes when I walk down the halls of our school, I feel the need to pinch myself, to make sure that I am really here in this positive and nurturing school environment. It is truly a privilege to have the responsibility of providing an environment that allows our students to thrive.

My job is to provide the staff and program that our students need to reach their true and full potential. It is also my job to provide the support that our families need. Being the parent of a child with special needs can be frustrating, demanding and challenging. The staff and I will listen to your concerns, issues and problems and will offer you the support that you need to deal with whatever you are facing.

We have a wonderful facility that your child will feel is like a second home but the best part of the Alpha School is the individuals who live, work and play there. Our staff is phenomenal in their determination to produce the best possible outcomes for each child that they work with. The children who attend our school motivate us to do our best and they are the driving force for our individualized programming.

One of the unique things about our school is our ability to welcome and accept children who have not experienced success in other school programs. The acceptance that our staff displays allows these children to feel safe and increases their self-esteem. They are then able to try things they were afraid to do before and achieve success that you and they never thought was possible.

I invite you to visit our school and see what an amazing place it is. I will be happy to spend time with you to share information about our program and staff. You will be able to see first-hand our students and staff working together in an environment of warmth, caring and total acceptance. I can’t wait to meet you and your child and start working together.

— Monica DeTuro, Principal at Alpha School, Jackson, NJ

Left: Ms. Jess's classroom celebrating ???? Right: The Therapy Dog visits are always a home run.

Left: Ms. Jess’s elementary class having fun. Right: The Therapy Dog visits are always a home run.

If you would like to move forward and consider admission to the Alpha School, please call today at 732.370.1150