The Technology Program at Alpha School in Jackson NJ

Technology Programs at Alpha School

We incorporate technology into all of our classrooms and therapy areas. Each classroom has a flat screen television with a DVD player. Computers are in every room. Touch screens and other adaptive devices are used so that the computer is accessible to everyone.
augementive technology used at the special education level

Augmentative Technology

Augmentative/Alterative Communications (AAC) systems are utilized in order to facilitate interactions. Various devices including dedicated speech generating devices, iPads with AAC applications, VOCAs (Voice Output Communication Aids), PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System), PODD (Programmatically Organized Dynamic Display), Tactile Symbol Systems and Sign Language are examples of systems implemented in order for each student to have a voice. Speech therapists are able to recommend evaluations, customize devices and provide direction for implementation within the classroom.


special needs student learning computer skills


Our computer implementation includes the use of tablets, iPads, and classroom computers. We utilize a wide variety of computer-based learning programs including Brain Pop, Learn 30, Enchanted Learning, Vizzle, Discrete Trial Trainer, Unique hearing systems and other technology based tools that offer students another avenue to meet individual learning needs.


Using a white board system in high school class at alpha school

White Board Systems

Each classroom is equipped with a whiteboard, Mimio system and stylus. Students use the interactive white boards to help support them in the learning process. The whiteboards not only display information for students to view, but they become an interactive screen through the use of the Mimio system and stylus. Students are able to move about the classroom and answer questions by simply touching the board in the appropriate area with the stylus. This is just another modality to help students become engaged in their own learning. This white board system works very well with our Vizzle computer program.


student at alpha school using an ipad as part of their technology program for students with special needs


Technology is engrained throughout the school day at Alpha School.  In any particular classroom, numerous students will be using iPads to help them communicate, answer questions, make requests and socialize with their peers.  The various apps on the iPads serve as reinforcement for academic topics being taught in the classroom.   In order to stay on top of what’s new and exciting, our technology department sends out weekly notifications for apps that teachers and therapists might find useful.

Our classmate Alphabot showing his support of how cool Alpha School is


Alphabot is a humanoid robot designed to help improve special education teaching by stimulating social interaction through play and allowing users greater autonomy. Alpha School recognizes that most children are attracted to technology, therefore “Alphabot” acts as the perfect bridge between the world of technology and children.

Alphabot, helps to un-lock self confidence by responding to voice commands and tracks each child’s performance helping them reach important learning goals in a way that is both fun and effective.