Academic Programs at Alpha School, a Special Needs School in NJ

Academic Programs at Alpha School

Alpha School offers a wide variety of up-to-date educational programs which meet the individualized needs of our students while maintaining the integrity of the New Jersey State Learning Standards (NJSLS).
The academic program at Alpha School covers the following subject areas:

Dr.Seuss reading classroom

Language Arts Literacy

Alpha School offers literacy instruction for both phonetic and sight readers. Reading materials are individualized to fit the students’ needs, utilizing programs such as Wilson Language Training, Access Literacy Learning (ALL), Edmark Reading Program, and the Milestones Reading Program. High interest lower reading level novels such as Gulliver’s Travels, or To Kill a Mockingbird, are incorporated into our Literacy curriculum, along with supplemental phonics programs such as Explode the Code.


math class with special ed students


Alpha School students’ mathematical instruction covers a wide range of skills including one-to-one correspondence, number recognition, coin counting and money values, telling time, and identifying shapes and area. Instruction encompasses functional math skills to more advanced computation skills through the use of manipulatives and hands-on instruction to aid comprehension. Programs such as Touch Point Math, Spectrum Math, and Unique Learning Systems are utilized.


social studies class new jersey special needs school

Social Studies

The Social Studies program at Alpha School covers topics ranging from the American Revolution to functional life skills in the community. Students are exposed to current events through the use of Time for Kids, News 2U and Unique Learning System and their monthly Social Studies Curriculum. Citizenship skills are taught through the use of PCI Education programs You and the Law and the Environmental Print Series. Community life skills and community locations and helpers lessons are addressed, as are map and geography skills through the See the USA, See the World, and AGS Geography of the U.S.




The students at Alpha School are exposed to a wide range of Science topics in accordance with the Next Generation Science Standards including studying Earth Space Science Progression, Life Science Progression and Physical Science Progression. Our Science programs focus on a hands-on approach, encouraging students to move and experiment to discover scientific principles. High school students enjoy Microscope Mondays where they explore the world under a microscope, and Sci-Fri Fridays which are dedicated to performing experiments. Science teachers utilized Monarch Teaching Technologie’s Vizzle Program, and Brain Pop, in exposing our students to the world around them.


after school social skills event for special needs

Social Skills

Social Skills education at Alpha School focuses on conversational skills and encouraging social interaction amongst our students. This includes; making eye contact, taking turns, waiting in line, asking and answering interpersonal questions, asking questions to extend a conversation and showing interest in conversations with peers. We also focus on how every action and behavior has a positive or negative consequence and how these consequences effect our relationships and roles in our communities. These skills are incorporated through board games, role-playing and class discussions. Our students take trips in the community to practice what they have learned.


Certified teachers are assisted by trained paraprofessionals to provide individualized and small group instruction in a small class setting. A multi-sensory approach is used with individualized and modified techniques. A wide variety of materials are used to help each child reach his or her full academic potential.

Some of the state-of-the-art-programs, as well as standard educational programs that are used: