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Behavior Therapy


Alpha School (a behavioral school in Ocean County New Jersey) is happy to offer a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) as part of the school staff.

The responsibilities of the behaviorist include, but are not limited to:

  • Direct Staff Training
  • Design and Implementation of Data Collection
  • Data Analysis to Monitor and Determine the Effectiveness of Interventions
  • Parent Assistance and Training
  • Collaborative efforts with the classroom teacher to minimize behaviors in the academic and school settings

Some of the Alpha School Behavior Therapy Services Include:

  • Application of behavioral based interventions and techniques including the reduction and/or elimination of maladaptive behaviors
  • Functional Behavioral Assessments
  • Collaboration with Instructional Staff and Related Service Professionals
  • Behavior Intervention Plan Development
  • Curriculum Development based on the needs of the Individual


special needs student receiving counseling by Murae Vogler, Social WorkerOur certified school social worker, provides counseling services for those students who are deemed appropriate. It is important that our students are given the opportunity to express themselves in a comfortable environment with someone they trust. Students are provided not only individual opportunities to speak with a counselor, but also have the chance to talk with their peers on relatable topics that may be impacting their lives.

Students at Alpha School may receive:

  • Individual Counseling. Talk therapy and Cognitive Behavior Therapy are used to help each student reflect on the connection between their feelings and behavior
  • Group Counseling. Group counseling provides students with social skills training with the use of reality talk and board games, which promote the use positive social skills in a peer environment.
  • Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Services. Our school social worker is a specialist in investigating, reporting and resolving any incidents of maltreatment

Murae M. Vogler LCSW social workerMurae M. Vogler LCSW is Alpha School’s Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Murae obtained her Masters in Social Work and became a School Certified Social Worker in 1999. She obtained her LCSW certification in 2003 and has been a certified Handle With Care Behavior Management System Trainer since 2004.

Mrs. Vogler provides clinical therapy to students with a variety of social, emotional and behavioral issues. She facilitates groups to help foster socialization skills, conflict resolution and anger management. She assists parents and caregivers with help to cope with at home behavioral issues and assists with community resources, and problem solves with parents to address concerns. Murae attends IEP meetings with families and professionals to implement treatment goals and objectives, and she engages in collateral contacts with a variety of agencies to ensure continuity of services.


Crisis Intervention

Mrs. Vogler and staff utilize the Handle With Care Behavior Management System. Mrs. Vogler has been certified as a Trainer in Handle With Care since 2004. In addition she has an assistant, Mr. Steven Fortunato who is also a Handle With Care certified trainer.

Handle with Care is a safe, non-harmful behavior management system designed to help staff provide for the best possible care, welfare, safety, and security of disruptive, assaultive individuals-even during their most violent moments.

Crisis intervention is a small segment of time in which staff members must intervene with another person to address behavior that may escalate into disruptive or even violent incidents.

The goal of the staff here at Alpha School is to intervene in a way that provides for the care, welfare, safety and security of all who are involved in a crisis situation.


After School Social Skills Program

after school social skills event for special needsThe Alpha School After School Social Skills Program provides students who require additional social skills after traditional school hours, with a fun and engaging learning environment.

Parents/Guardians can feel comfortable knowing their children are interacting with peers in a physically and emotionally safe environment. Student participate in structured invigorating activities with their friends in recreation and cooperative team-building games encouraging social skills.

The goals and objectives of the Social Skills Program are:

  • Peer Relationships/Friendships
  • Conversational Skills
  • Eye Contact
  • Body Language
  • Cooperative Play Skills
  • Assertive Skills/Conflict Resolution
  • Empathy
  • Emotions