The Alpha School

We are an exceptional school for exceptional children

Students in front of the alpha school Jackson NJ

The Alpha School family welcomes you to their website.

If you are seeking a warm, nurturing, accepting, caring and dedicated school community that provides expertise in educational and therapeutic services, then your search is over.

Since its inception in 1980, the Alpha School (A special needs school in New Jersey) has welcomed hundreds of children through our doors with open arms. We accept children ranging in age from five to twenty-one with various disabilities including autism, down’s syndrome, communication, learning and social and emotional disabilities. We work with each child as an individual with their own unique areas of strength and areas that require special attention.

Our staff are nothing short of exceptional. They go above and beyond what one would accept of a school staff member. There is very little turnover of staff. This consistency and continuity of our dedicated staff allows our students to work with teachers, assistants and therapists who have developed a high degree of expertise in all areas of special education.
Monica DeTuro – Principal, Alpha School

We provide academic instruction and speech, occupational and physical therapies. We also have physical education and health classes. Alpha School has developed some additional programs such as career education and job skills classes that prepare our high school students for going out to work in the community. We have developed some programs that may not be available at other schools. These include yoga classes, drama, music therapy, dog therapy, a golf team, Special Olympics bowling and bocce teams and a robot named Alphabot. We have also developed a program for our students who graduate and need a day program. It is called Prime Time.

In addition, our social worker provides counseling and works with students to develop skills that help them to cope with stress and anxiety. Behavior issues are also addressed with behavior plans that are developed in consultation with a certified behavior specialist.

If you want to visit a school where your child will find a home away from home filled with professionals that will believe in your child and challenge him or her to reach their true potential, then please call our principal, Monica DeTuro. She will make it possible for you to experience Alpha School first hand and to see if you and your child would like to become members of our school family.

Left: Alpha School students enjoying a day trip to the sculpture gardens in Hamilton, NJ. Right: A day camping and enjoying nature.

Left: Alpha School students enjoying a day trip to the sculpture gardens in Hamilton, NJ. Right: A day camping and enjoying nature.