Welcome to Alpha School in Jackson, NJ | A Special Needs School in NJ

Welcome to Alpha School

A special needs school in New Jersey, that provides educational, therapeutic and support services for students ages 5-21 with a range of special needs in Ocean, Monmouth, Burlington, Mercer, and other surrounding counties.

Here at the Alpha School in Jackson, New Jersey we are dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing educational environment for our students. We are a special needs school in Ocean County, New Jersey dedicated to helping students with learning, social, language, and behavioral challenges. Our range of programs address autism, behavioral, speech, life skills and transition needs.


Our academic programs include Language Arts Literacy, Mathematics, Health, Science, and Social Studies. We also provide instruction in Social Skills, Music Therapy, Art, Career Education, and Physical Education.

Life Skills

This program focuses on everyday living skills for students with communication, learning, social and emotional challenges. Students are engaged in ADL activities such as personal hygiene, laundry, cooking and prevocational skills.

Support Services

Alpha School offers Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy. In addition, Counseling and Nursing services are available. Behavioral support includes consultation with a BCBA.


Technological supports utilized at Alpha School include white boards with mimeo systems, computers, Ipads, personal and classroom FM systems, and “Alphabot” our personal robot!

Watch our Alpha School Tour Video!

Come and take a visual tour of our school in Jackson, New Jersey. Experience and hear from some of our staff and support team to better understand and appreciate what we have been doing for students with special needs since 1980.

In this short video you will get an overview of our services from Academic programs, Behavioral and Mental Health support, Related and Support Services including our Transition and Job Training program.

So come on over and see a glimpse of what we have to offer students ranging in ages 5-21.

Podcast with Christine Matus (Special Needs Estate Planning)

Listen to Erik Glazner, Supervisor of Instruction for Alpha, Harbor and Gateway Schools, and Erika Casablanca, STEMLab Teacher for Gateway School and Lead Marketer for Alpha, Harbor, and Gateway Schools, as guests on the "Ask A Lawyer" podcast with Attorney Christine Matus. Christine Matus is an estate planning attorney and the owner of The Matus Law Group in New Jersey. Christine Matus has dedicated a significant portion of her estate planning practice to helping families with special needs individuals. In this podcast episode, Erik and Erika spoke about how Alpha, Harbor, and Gateway Schools educate students with special needs and prepare them for life experiences.

John Gonzalez Principal Alpha School

Since its inception in 1980, the Alpha School has welcomed hundreds of children through our doors with open arms. We accept children ranging in age from five to twenty-one with various disabilities including autism, down’s syndrome, communication, learning and social and emotional disabilities. We work with each child as an individual with their own unique areas of strength and areas that require special attention. 

– John Gonzalez, Principal at Alpha School, Jackson, NJ