Occupational, Physical, Speech Therapy and Nursing at Alpha School

Occupational Therapy


The Occupational Therapy department at Alpha School is committed to supporting a student’s “occupation” within all aspects of their school/home environments. We utilize preventatives, promotion and intervention strategies for mental and physical health and well-being.

occupational therapy programs new jersey special education

OT services address the student as a whole. The following areas are assessed and treatment is directed at strengthening each individual skill set.

  • Seating adaptions for optimal hearing
  • Fine/visual perception/sensory motor skills
  • Activities of daily (ADL’s)
  • Functional living skills
  • Weekly yoga sessions
  • Pre-vocational readiness skills
  • Pre-readiness in handwriting


Alpha School encourages students to write and participate in the modality that is most appropriate for their individual needs and even their interests. From writing on an iPad, using symbols and pictures to the Handwriting Without Tears program, students are encouraged to reach their full potential while maintaining an understanding of their abilities.

Handwriting apps on the ipads, as well as the Handwriting without Tears program to enhance students’ handwriting abilities. In addition, OT’s run a weekly salad bar to involves students in the entire process from shopping to preparing salad ingredients for purchase by students and staff.


Physical Therapy

The Physical Therapy Department at Alpha School provides services to address functional and performance skills when a child’s disability impacts their ability to access, participate or make progress in the school setting.

Variety of physical therapy programs for special needs student

Services are provided in consultative, individual or small group formats dependent on the needs of the students as planned in his or her IEP. Physical therapy is provided by licensed and fully credentialed staff. The therapist works closing with the classroom teacher, classroom staff and other therapists to provided individual carryover of goals into the classroom and school setting. Ongoing training as related to physical therapy is provided as needed for the staff working with students. Services provided include, but are not limit dot the following:

  • Functional mobility skills related to a student’s ability to access the educational environment
  • Training in gross motor, coordination, balance and strength skills
  • Assessment for classroom modifications and adaptive equipment including classroom seating and positioning
  • Fitness group available for older students as a more age appropriate transition to working on gross motor, functional modality and endurance skills
  • Additional P.T. services available at Alpha School include the ability to set-up evaluation and fabrication of orthotics, assistance with evaluation and recommendation for durable medical equipment, and development of home exercise/therapy programs and parent training.

Speech Therapy

The speech department at Alpha School provides services in individual, group and co-treatment sessions with other disciples. It is dedicated to providing each student with a means to functionally and socially communicate with others throughout their school day. Therapy services may be provided in an integrative or pull out setting to optimize acquisition and carry over of skills.

Beverly Holborow of alpha school working with special education students Ocean County

Speech language therapy services are provided by certified speech-language therapists. Therapists work collaboratively with classroom staff, teachers, job coaches, parents and other therapy staff to promote communication skills across domains. Our therapy department embrace a total communication approach to facilitate effective interactive with others and enhance overall communication skills.

Methods utilized include the following:

  • Verbalization, gestures, sign language
  • Oral motor interventions including PROMPT
  • Speech generating devices
  • Augmentative/Alternative Communication (AAC)
  • Voice output communication aids (VOCA)
  • Picture communication symbols/picture exchange communication systems (PECS)

Nursing Services

Alpha School nursing staff consists of our certified school nurse who is a registered nurse. She provides a high level of skilled nursing services and techniques for students and staff.

alpha school nursing checking up on students

Our nurse works to create an environment of respect and rapport to assess the needs of the unique medical issues of our student population. Our school staff works closely with teachers, therapists and our students’ families to promote the health and well-being of the Alpha School community.

  • Skilled nursing care, physical assessments completed by Certified RN
  • Instruction in health promotion and disease prevention by certified school nurse
  • Health screenings provided annually
  • Administration of emergency care, medications and first aid procedures as per physician’s orders
  • Maintain health & immunization records
  • Provide staff training in medical procedures/precautions