Mrs. Martin Science Class - Alpha School in Jackson, NJ

Mrs. Martin’s Class at Alpha School in Jackson, N.J. Have Fun With Science

Mrs. Martin’s Science Project

Turning solids to liquids!

Students at Alpha School in Jackson, N.J. enjoyed a hands on Science Class. Ms Martin’s elementary class turned solid crayons to a colorful liquid that looked like a waterfall running down the canvas they poured it over to create a picture. Their picture is now on display for all at Alpha School to view and enjoy. After creating this colorful waterfall the class made root beer floats and observed the ice cream melting. Some of the ice cream did not have a chance to melt, but Mrs. Martin’s eager students enjoyed the frosty treats none the less. Students then discussed what caused the solids to turn to liquids.

Mrs. Martiin’s Science class is a fun place to learn!