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Alpha Graduate Success Story

We are so happy to share the success of one of our graduates, Dalton Biasi.

Dalton was a student at our school from the age of nine till eighteen.  He was not a big fan of Alpha when he started but over the years he grew to love our school and became a much loved member of the Alpha School family.  Dalton graduated in June and he was not sure what he wanted to do. He stopped by to visit us in October and told us that he got a job.  Through a connection with a family friend, Dalton heard about a position that was available at a company called Bev Tech.  This company is an affiliate of the Coke-Cola company.  This division fixes and installs the beverage machines.  Dalton went for an interview and they were very impressed with him and he got the job!!!  Dalton works four days a week for eight hour shifts each day.  He is responsible for  dispatching technicians to job sites, billing and closing out calls.  Dalton loves the people he works with and there is nothing about the job that he does not like.  In his spare time Dalton plays video games and hangs out with his family, especially with his sister.  Dalton misses everyone at Alpha but he is enjoying his life after Alpha.  We are so happy that we were a part of his journey and we are so proud of his accomplishments!!!