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Alpha School Coaches Receive Awards

Mrs. Kathy Moore and Mrs. Claire Wiggins received a paver with their names on it at the 2019 Tribute Patio Dedication.  They were recognized as coaches for two former Alpha School students.  The Filtzes and Deck families wanted to honor the coaches that had such a positive impact on their children.  Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Wiggins have been a driving force encouraging Alpha students to be a part of the Special Olympics.  They have competed in bowling and /or bocce.  When Mrs. Moore is asked how she feels about the Special Olympics, she says, “The athletic ability is a small part of why I do this, it is truly seeing the student’s confidence build and independence emerge that warms my heart every time.”  Alpha School is very proud of our coaches and feel that we are privileged to have them as a part of the Alpha family.