Occupational Therapy Salad Bar Program - Alpha School

Occupational Therapy Salad Bar Program

Judi Hall, one of our occupational therapists started a very creative and innovative program for some of our students. She takes our students shopping at the Jackson Stop and Shop every Tuesday so that they can shop for the ingredients for our weekly salad bar. Each student has a list of what they need to find and they put it in the cart. This is a great activity for community based instruction. When they return the items have to be put away.

On Wednesday morning, our students can be found in the kitchen chopping and dicing the items for the cart. They also load ice into our salad bar cart and put all the ingredients into the containers on the cart.

They do a great job of getting everything ready and then they have to clean up when it is over. This is another area where following directions and learning new activities of daily living can occur.

Miss Judi is very proud of the students who work with her on the salad bar. It is always delicious and healthy too!!!