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Special Olympic Bowling, Alpha School

Special Olympics Bowling

The Alpha School Special Olympic Bowling Team had their first tournament on Saturday, January, 11th at Ocean Lanes in Lakewood.  They have been practicing with their coaches, Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Wiggins for weeks.  They had a celebration lunch the day before the event with pizza and cake.  The event on Saturday started at 11am with our older bowlers competing and another session at 2pm for the younger bowlers.  Some members of the Alpha team are alumni of our school and they bowled as well.  Parents and family members of our bowlers and Alpha staff members come to cheer our bowlers on.  Three of our competitors won gold medals and one student got silver.  These students will be proceeding on to the next level of competition in February. Thanks to our coaches for all their efforts and we are so proud of the Alpha School Special Olympics Team!!!  Congratulations!!!