Understanding 10 Essential Life Skills for a special needs student

10 Essential Life Skills for Success (Special Needs Children)

Fostering independence in children is an important goal of any parent. Through different developmental stages, progressive “windows of opportunity” emerge to foster skills that will ultimately lead to independence. Understandably, parents want their children to be ready when these changes occur.

How can I help my special needs child increase their level of independence?

For all children, and especially those with special needs, achieving independence is an important part of the journey into adulthood. From the moment we wake in the morning, we go through certain tasks, known as “life skills.” These tasks could include typical activities such as making the bed, performing bathroom routines, getting dressed, making meals, communicating and so many others. For most, the list is virtually endless.

But with the right preparation and patience, children can develop the essential skills required to foster independent living. And beyond just telling students how to practice these essential life skills, students must be guided in a practical way so that they not only learn about what is being taught but learn how to apply it in the real world.

The 1​0 Essential Life Skills for Special Needs Children

cooking class at the alpha school for special needs students

Life skills for special needs children play an essential role in improving sensory processing, communication, safety, social relationships and ultimately, acquiring independence. Here are just 10 of the essential life skills we cover with our students at Alpha School:

1.  Self-Care

2.  Pre-Vocational Skills

3.  Daily Living Skills

4.  Community-Based Instruction

5.  Leisure and Recreational Skills

6.  Functional Reading

7.  Functional Math

8.  Work-Related Behaviors

9.  Shopping Skills

10.  Cooking and Laundry Skills

Life Skills for Special Needs Children at Alpha School

In addition to the academic programs at Alpha School, students are exposed to a wide range of practical and functional living skills designed specifically to prepare them to live in their community, engage in the workplace and feel independent at home. Since 1980, RKS Associates has been a leader in meeting the needs of special education students and helping children grow to their fullest potential.

To learn more about why our life skills program is the most effective way to help your child, contact us at our main office at 732.370.1150 or find an RKS location near you.