Jackson NJ Rotary Club and Alpha School-Helping our students

Jackson NJ Rotary Club and Alpha School–A wonderful community relationship

The Alpha School is very fortunate that one day in June, a few years ago, a member of the Jackson New Jersey Rotary, Luke Stango literally knocked on the front door of Alpha School and asked if the Jackson Rotary Club could do anything to help us. Ever since Luke walked through our doors, he and the rotary members have been helping us in a multitude of ways to better served our student body with their special need challenges.

They started out by purchasing a very expensive communication device for one of our students, known as a “Go Talk Express 32”. The family of this student had been trying to get the communication device through their insurance company but they had not been successful in doing this. The Rotary Club of Jackson came to the rescue. They also helped this same family with a donation for Christmas presents.

The Rotary has also donated I-Pads to us. This has been so beneficial to our students and teachers. They help us to improve instruction and allow our students to engage on a device that they enjoy using and assist them with learning as well. The Rotary has also donated equipment to our social worker and therapists that have helped to enhance the services that they provide.

Some of the Rotary members have come to visit Alpha so that they can see the equipment that they have provided the monies for, being used by our students. They are always amazed by how well our students and staff work together on the equipment that they have provided.

The Rotary also is a big part of our Thanksgiving Feast. Their members donate nine cooked turkeys which allows our students and staff to have a traditional Thanksgiving with our school family a few days before we have Thanksgiving with our families at home. Rotary members also come to participate during the feast. They help out by serving our delicious food in addition to taking the time to sit down with students, staff, and family members during what has been a tradition here at the Alpha School in Jackson, New Jersey.

We are so happy that Luke knocked on our door that day. The Jackson Rotary have done so much to help Alpha School ever since he walked through our doors. As a result of this continued and nurturing relationship, Luke and the other Rotary members have become a part of our Alpha school family. We will be forever grateful for all of their generosity.